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Engine Management Specialist, LLC
is an ASA-100 certified company

Our Mission

To provide high level customer service with accurate technical information. Supply recommended solutions based on our customers safety, operations and financial needs. To drive all service providers to meet the expectations of our customers.

A trusted partner to manage all your key engine events

Fast Facts

EMS is a top-tier turbine engine expert that offers a comprehensive array of services to manage your aircraft key engine events. Our unique detailed technical and cost analysis approach determines your best options for your operations resulting in cost savings and a better product.

We specialize in:

• Overhaul (OH)/Hot Section Inspection (HSI)/Major Repair Process Management
• Engine Borescope, Review, and Expert Services
• Reduce-to-Spares (RTS) and Parts Reselling
• Engine Exchanges and Outside Brokerage Sales

The EMS Difference

Customers benefit from our unique capabilities that are setting industry standards. Click below to learn more.

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EMS offers our clients an array of services to help you determine your next step in engine ownership.

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OH/HSI/Major Repair Management Services

Engine Borescope, Review, and Expert Services

Reduce to Spares and Serviceable Parts Reselling

Engine Exchanges and Outside Brokerage Sales

Engine Part Sales

Fee Schedule and Other Information

EMS is an ASA-100 Member Company

EMS is accredited by the Aviation Suppliers Association. The ASA-100 signifies impartiality, competence, and reliability - all specific to the regulated needs of the aerospace industry.

EMS is a proud member of the National Business Aviation Association


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