EMS is a top-tier turbine engine expert that offers a comprehensive array of services to
manage your aircraft key engine events.  Our unique detailed technical and cost
analysis approach determines your best options for your operations resulting in cost
savings and a better product. 

Q  Overhaul (OH)/Hot Section Inspection (HSI)/Major Repair Process
Q  Engine Borescope, Review and Expert Services
Q  Reduce-to-Spares (RTS) and Parts Reselling
Q  Engine Exchanges and Outside Brokerage Sales
~ a trusting partner to manage your key engine events ~
EMS processes are transparent…“arming” the Customer with information and expert support to make informed decisions
EMS passes along industry-leading discounts to the Customer for engine repairs and parts
To provide high level Customer Service with accurate technical information.  Supply recommended solutions based on our Customers safety, operations and financial needs.  To drive all service providers to meet our Customers expectation with clear deliverables.
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Customers benefit from EMS unique offerings and capabilities that are setting industry standards:
Mission Statement
EMS Qualification EMS Customer Benefit
Holistic, comprehensive range of expertise and services including repair management, RTS, expert inspections and sales/exchanges Q EMS Customer has the advantage to be aware of all engine options and pertinent information to make informed decisions for continued engine operations or replacement
P&W, DOF and non-DOF on-site expert part inspection during engine teardown Q On-site inspection of engine and parts during teardown; Identify type of part damage such as FOD, corrosion, lightning, operations, etc.; Determines liability and options such as repair or replace, and lessons learned. Improved relations, communications and assessments with shops
Large volume provider for engine events as a service provider Q Industry-leading discounts passed on to Customer for facility services and parts
The only third party that provides RTS services for both PW500 & PW300 series engines Q Maximize Customer RTS value by being an industry-known parts reselling entity and increasing successful part recovery; Major repair process Customers leverage EMS serviceable part inventory as an option for improved pricing or discounting
Family of P&W turbo-engine focused expertise (hands-on and management) Q Keen insight and working knowledge regarding P&W specific engine model tendencies and manage expected engine results to eliminate project and engine risk, and maximize Customer investment and results.